Everyone needs a little bit of help now and then! We've gathered our most commonly asked questions to help address any worries you might have about your Neighbourhood experience. If you can't find an answer to your query then please reach out to us via our Contact Us page.


Every 2 weeks explore a new activity with a small group of online friends who are just like you. Discover new skills in bite-sized chunks and get to know one another in a friendly, safe online environment before deciding if you want to continue the activity in the real world.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, we don't think it's right to charge our users when we're offering a service to help people live better lives. It's just how we roll. We use revenue from advertising and affiliate fees to cover our costs instead so it won't cost you a penny to join us.

For now, yes. Don't worry though, after you've enjoyed your taster activity online we'll connect you to local studios, instructors and spaces where you can continue to enjoy what you've started in real life.

Looking after your personal information is one of our utmost priorities. We will never sell it or use it without your permission. For more details, read our Privacy Policy.

Right now we're operating in Canada and the UK but we'll go wherever we're needed. Register interest in Neighbourhood and we'll set up in your country.

Neighbourhood is designed for everyone, no matter what stage of their journey in later life. If you have any specific queries about whether Neighbourhood is right for you then please Contact Us and as always please seek professional advice before embarking on any new fitness regimes.


Register your interest in Neighbourhood here. Due to current levels of demand we’re letting our users join in waves to ensure everyone has the best possible experience. We promise to send you an email when it’s time to get started.

Yes absolutely. You can invite a friend or family member quickly and easily here. Once you’ve joined Neighbourhood you can even invite them to join you in your first activity group.

Neighbourhood sources a selection of quality, contemporary activities for you to sample in the comfort of your own home. Select the one you’d like to explore, then try it out for the next 2 weeks in one of our online activity groups where you’ll have all the information you need to get started. At the end of the 2 weeks we’ll link you to places in the real world where you can continue the activity if you enjoyed it and you can keep in touch with any friends you made in the group. Our selection of activities is constantly changing and growing and if you’re stuck for inspiration you can always read more about the history of each activity in one of our Theme discussions.

Our groups are designed like small online bookclubs where you can access all the information you’ll need to try out your new activity. Everything is broken down into bite-sized chunks and updated every 2 days so you can digest new information at your own pace. You’ll also be able to chat with a small group of up to 5 other likeminded Neighbourhooders who are completing the activity at the same time.

At the end of the group you’ll have the chance to select other members you felt you connected with. If they connected with you too then you can ask to be in another activity group with them or direct message them.

At the end of each activity you’ll have the chance to share your feedback with us and if you enjoyed it, we’ll share with you details of local and online partners where you can continue the activity afterwards.

Don’t worry! We’ll always email you a reminder when it’s time to select your next activity so you don’t miss out.

There’s a dark side to retirement that people often feel uncomfortable talking about. No one wants to admit they’re not having the golden ‘time of their lives’ even though many have difficulty adjusting to changes in work and family life. We’ve created bite-sized coaching toolkits to support you with some of your most common challenges including loneliness and worrying about what to do next. Each toolkit asks questions to help you reflect on your situation, shares example stories and finishes with 3 exercises you can incorporate easily into your daily routine. They’re designed to help you make long lasting changes rather than just have a quick fix.

Send us a message from our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please note, at this time we’re unable to call you directly (we’re working on it!) so please make sure you provide your email address.