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We believe people are at their best when they have something that inspires them and gives them energy on a daily basis. For some people it's their children, for others it's volunteer work - we want to help you discover your next passion with a vibrant selection of activities to sample and friends to explore them with.

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Setting and achieving a goal for yourself, no matter how big or small, can do wonders for your confidence. Our fixed schedule of themes and activities gives you a structure to base your aims around, plan your days and celebrate your achievements.

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It's time to remove the physical and financial barriers which get in the way of meeting and interacting with new friends. That's why our service is free and our algorithm matches you with likeminded others in your online group so you don't have to worry about searching around social media to find your people.

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Trying something new outside of your comfort zone takes enormous courage. Uncertainty can deplete your resilience to new situations and new people which is why we're dedicated to providing a safe environment where you can always reach out to us if you feel unsure.

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We know how important it is to share your experiences and have people really listen and engage with you. This is why our groups are no more than 6 people to recreate that feeling you get when you're chatting with friends in a great bookclub.


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You'll never be at a loss for something to explore with our activity themes which celebrate art, music, history and science

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Everything you need to try out a new activity, released in bitesized chunks every other day to fit around your schedule

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Tools designed to support you with your most common challenges including what next worries and loneliness


Every 2 weeks explore a new activity with a small group of online friends who are just like you. Discover new skills in bitesized chunks and get to know one another in a friendly, safe online environment before deciding if you want to continue the activity in the real world.

Feels like it sounds too good to be true? Well, we don't think it's right to charge our users when we're offering a service to help people live better lives. It's just how we roll. We use revenue from adveritizing and affiliate fees to cover our costs instead so it won't cost a penny to join us.

For now, yes. Don't worry though, after you've enjoyed your taster activity online we'll connect you to local studios, instructors and spaces where you can continue to enjoy what you've started in real life.

Looking after your personal information is one of our utmost priorities. We will never sell it or use it without your permission. For more details, read our Privacy Policy.

Right now we are operating in Canada and the UK but we'll go where we're needed. Register interest in Neighbourhood and we'll set up in your country.

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