Neighbourhood grew out of the experiences of a group of Canadian and British older adults who were frustrated at feeling sidelined and being labelled ‘old’ the minute they hit a certain birthday. They didn’t just want another online community or dating service, they wanted something useful which would act as a compass for them as they explored life after work and raising a family.

It had to always be there, making it quick and simple to try out a new interest both whilst allowing people to engage naturally as they would in real life. It had to “inspire, encourage and celebrate the good times” whilst still providing support and a place to think during the difficult times. Most importantly, it had to be accessible and safe for all – no physical or financial barriers to stop someone from having the same experience as their neighbour.

Together with Jos and Andrejs they set about designing the Neighbourhood they wanted in their future lives. One built on mutual respect, where technology helped people rather than caused confusion and with never-ending opportunities to keep on expanding the mind.

Let’s be honest, it wasn’t all smooth sailing! It took many different designs, ideas and opinions to build the foundations of Neighbourhood. We want to constantly improve to meet your expectations and are always listening, growing and completely dedicated to helping you discover your purpose – whatever it may be.

Help us create the Neighbourhood of your future – we can’t wait to meet you.

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